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Humble souls, but with determined minds, have natured many businesses in the past few decades,  adopted world-class technologies, spread wings to global markets, always eager to implement & sustain new ideas.


The past decade has really been exciting for us as we have been blessed with several achievements and benchmarks and we credit our customers & partners and our team for everything that we have achieved.

We push ourselves through the boundaries, when we see potential in an idea that could create a value proposition for our customers. Our style is not for everyone. We are direct & fast. Some don’t like our approach, but most who know us do.

Our team mirrors the entrepreneurship spirit: ambitious overachievers with a deep-rooted desire to accomplish and knows what it means to walk that path.

We value teamwork. Our team is small; hence we prefer people with diverse strengths focused on a common goal of our organisation – a leading player in the respective domain. We are always mindful of lessons learned, our roots are strong and our advantage comes from the decades of collective experiences of our team.


We are serious about our work and put all our endeavours to develop & deliver world class products for our customers resulting a long term partnership with them.  

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